Monday, November 22, 2010

Great 3D TV Accessories

You may have heard of Sky’s great 3D TV service that has recently launched and want to know what you need in order to experience it fully. Well, the first requirement is that you are a Sky World package subscriber on the Sky HD TV service. IF this is the case then you can soon begin watching great 3D TV programming, as long as you have all the necessary 3D TV accessories needed to watch 3D TV.

The first, and most integral of these is the 3D TV. There are many great 3D TVs available from all the major manufacturers, allowing much choice, and there should be a 3D TV available for everyone, with varying prices depending on your budget. These TVs are typically HD capable slim sets, and it is advisable that you choose the largest TV set size that your budget allows, as with 3D TV, the bigger the set, the better the 3D effect.

With 3D televisions, UK is stepping forward into 3D TV technology. With Sky 3D and 3D TVs enjoy the never before thrilling experience of sports, movies and TV shows at home. 3DTV are next hot segment in television market

The other important accessory that you’ll need to enjoy 3D TV is a pair of 3D glasses. These 3D TV accessories are usually active shutter glasses, and must be worn by everyone who wants to enjoy the 3D TV experience; otherwise they won’t see the effect.

Typically, these glasses must match the TV set that you own, as most manufacturers only make glasses that are compatible with their particular TV sets. Prices vary depending on the manufacturer, so it is always best to check prices before you commit to buying a 3D TV.

3D TV sets emerging from brands like Panasonic, Samsung, LG etc. supports Sky 3D TV technology. This allows you to watch images in 3D as well as HD. 3D TV sets offered from these brands also come with accessories like 3D glasses for better 3D experience.

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